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Journal paper
Entry YearPublicationAuthor
1042015,Applying Extensive Reading to Improve Unmotivated Learners‘ Attitudes toward Reading in English,International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research,13,2,pp1-25第二作者Guo-Ren You
1042015,空氣品質警示APP之成效評估,臺東大學綠色科學學刊,5,1,pp1-18第一作者Ming-Chien Hung
1042015,基於脈象結構開發輔助中醫脈診之行動APP,綠色科學學刊,5,2,pp21-34第一作者Hung-Pin Chiu
1042015,Design of a Mobile Application for Dietary Carein Chronic Kidney Disease,International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology,5,5,pp57-66第一作者Mei-Chun Wu
1042015,Crowd Aided Web Search: Concept and Implementation,ECTI Transactiona on Computer and Information Techonology,9,1,第一作者Jun-Xiong Ceng
1042015,應用3D動畫改善國中特教學生口腔衛教問題之研究,特殊教育學報,41,pp23-54第二作者Ming-Chien Hung
1042015,APPRush, A Platform of Learning APP Development Skills for Information Management Students.,Applied Mechanics and Materials,764,第一作者Jun-Xiong Ceng
1032015,Longitudinal test of ePortfolio continuous use: an empirical study on the change of students’ beliefs,Behaviour & Information Technology(SSCI),34,8,pp838-853第一作者Ting-Chu Hsieh
1032014,Analysis of MANET dynamic source routing and its performance enhancements,International Journal of Communication Systems,27,11,pp2870-2888第三作者Chien-Min Wu
1032014,Artificial Chromosomes with Genetic Algorithm 2 (ACGA2) for Single Machine Scheduling Problems with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times,Applied Soft Computing,第二作者Min-Chih Chen
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