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Journal paper
Entry YearPublicationAuthor
871998,Ring data for invariant recognition of handwritten Chinese characters,Journal of Information Science and Engieering,14,479-497,第二作者Hung-Pin Chiu
861997,Progressive Multimedia MUD System Designed and Performance Simulation,IEEE Trans. On Consumer Electronics,43,4,pp1280-1290第二作者Sing-Liang Chen
861997,VISUAL: An Object Oriented Language for Understanding,Journal of Systems Architecture,43,1-5,pp327-335第一作者Sing-Liang Chen
861997,Invariant handwritten Chinese character recognition using fuzzy min-max neural networks,Pattern Recognition Letters,18,481-491,第一作者Hung-Pin Chiu
861997,A feature-preserved thinning algorithm for handwritten Chinese characters,Signal Processing,58,203-214,第一作者Hung-Pin Chiu
861997,Frequency-domain linear quadratic optimal system design two-degree-of-freedom configuration,Optimal Control Applications and Methods,18,1,pp73-82第二作者Chien-Min Wu
861997,The Design Course on Demand ,Journal of Distance Education,2,pp40-46第二作者Sing-Liang Chen
861997,The Strategies of Address Resolution and Traffic Control between ATM and TCP/IP Networks,Journal of Distance Education,5,pp29-38第三作者Sing-Liang Chen
851996,Invariant handwritten Chinese character recognition using fuzzy ring data,Image and Vision Computing,184,647-657,第二作者Hung-Pin Chiu
851996,A stroke-based thinning algorithm for Chinese characters,Proceeding of the National Science Council,20,418-425,第一作者Hung-Pin Chiu
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