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1072018,行動學習為導向的校園植物學習系統之建置與研究以嘉義縣大同國小為例,僑光學報,41,第一作者Min-Chih Chen
1072018,非商業性資訊系統持續使用性之研究-以學生健康資訊系統為例,僑光學報,41,1-3,pp1-13第一作者Ming-Chien Hung
1062018,設計以腦波特徵為基之自調適專注力 訓練平台,管理資訊計算,7,2,第一作者Min-Chih Chen
1062018,Geometry Distance Estimated MAC Protocol for TV White Space,IEEE SYSTEM JOURNAL,12,2,pp1921-1932第一作者Chien-Min Wu
1062017,結合誘因理論與科技接受模式 探討行動裝置持有者使用QR code之意願,資訊化理論與實踐,第二作者Guo-Ren You
1062017,A Deterrence Approach to Regulate Nurses’ Compliance with Electronic Medical Records Privacy Policy,Journal of Medical Systems,41,12,pp198-208第三作者Ming-Chien Hung
1062017, 無線感知隨意網路之具定位多重通道媒介存取協定 , 遠東學報,34,2,pp81-93第一作者Chien-Min Wu
1052017,Distributed MAC protocol for multichannel cognitive radio ad hoc networks based on power control,Computer Communications,104,pp145-158第一作者Chien-Min Wu
1052017,Distributed Multi-channel MAC Protocol in MIMO Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks,遠東學報,34,1,pp23 -36第一作者Chien-Min Wu
1052016,Big Label: Categorizing the Web Efficiently and Accurately,Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers,40,第一作者Jun-Xiong Ceng
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