About Us


Features of Teaching & Development

The Department of IT was founded in 2012. It is part of the College of Science and Technology, Nanhua University. The curriculum designing practice-oriented. The purposes are through series, professional practice course in training students with the skills needed to join the industry immediately. To achieve the purpose of “graduating equals starting a career”.

Currently, we design five major curriculums, including Digital Technology, Could Computing, Web Design, E-Business and App Design. Each practice courses of major curriculum conform to advices of industry experts, and tie industry needed. Beside of necessary courses, students could according to their own future (industry) plans, choosing different curriculums with series of practice courses. So they can start their career as soon as they graduate.

Employment development: Our goal is training professional students, and who could start their career immediately. According to the curriculum students took, they may engage in work such as: Editor, audio-visual effects artist, Google value systems engineer, Web Designer, website planners, APP programmer, working on APP Marketing Planning Division and network systems engineer, etc.

For further education: Taking advanced studies in IT institutes in homeland or foreign countries.


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